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For 110 years, the Australian Dental Association of WA has been supporting West Australian dentists as they look after the oral health of the community.  It sounds like a straightforward role; in fact, it’s far from it. Over the course of a century, we’ve established ourselves as the lynchpin of dentistry in WA.

What began as a somewhat staid, male-dominated association has quietly evolved into an inclusive “family” – one that supports WA’s dentists professionally, emotionally and socially, with the result that they’re better able to look after the oral health of every member of society.  It’s a big call, but one we can proudly lay claim to.  

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ADAWA stands alongside its members to offer valuable support, advocacy and education.

The Australian Dental Association of Western Australia began in 1909 as a small, volunteer-run association. Today, it's a proud association representing the vast majority of dental professionals in WA, across all demographics.

Led by our CEO, Dr David Hallett, and with the support of a passionate team, ADAWA represents 94% of West Australian dentists, providing professional and personal support, world-class education, and volunteerism opportunities for our members. This support starts from their student days and continues well into retirement.

In addition to looking after our members, we are dedicated advocates for the improvement of the oral health of the general community. We collaborate with and work alongside other health associations and stakeholders to champion positive change to WA’s health policies. We are also proud to support and work with several oral-health charities to provide accessible dental care for people in need.

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Professional development

Our WA Dental CPD program is world-class, delivering a comprehensive program, even during the challenges of COVID restrictions. Our courses extend far beyond dentistry, with the express goal of making our dentists better practitioners and better people.

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ADAWA Support


Member organisations provide professional support to their members; that’s their remit. However, we go beyond that - offering support from a dentist's student days and continuing into their retirement.

The proof of ADAWA’s endurance comes from our membership numbers – during a time when membership organisations have seen significant decline, we have not only maintained, but grown our membership numbers – now encompassing 94% of all dentists in WA. We have grown our offerings and listened to what our members want in order to attract and maintain younger members and those from a diverse demographic. 

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When we say we support the oral-health needs of all West Australians, we truly mean it. It’s our goal to ensure equal access to oral healthcare for all, which is why we put our money and our might behind oral-health charities such as Healing Smiles, which provides dental care to survivors of domestic violence.

We facilitate these charities, providing funds and materials, as well as volunteer dentists. Our own charity, Uniting Smiles, is in its infancy, but is another step towards providing dental care to those in WA who need it.

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We fight for our members, and, in turn, we fight for the oral health of the general community. For many members, the advocacy ADAWA provided during COVID lockdowns provided an insight into the work that occurred on their behalf – which, most recently, has included dealing with issues of vertical integration by private health insurers, and patient-matched medical devices through the TGA regulatory changes.

For 110 years we have fought for our dentists, which we will continue to do. Our role is to let our dentists get on with the important job of looking after WA’s dental health, while we deal with the politics behind the scenes. We let dentists be dentists.

Our Partners & Affiliates

ADAWA works closely with a number of partners and affiliates, resulting in strong relationships with like-minded organisations and associations. We also work with partners to provide member benefits for ADAWA members, including discounts on advantageous products and services.

Our Team

The Australian Dental Association of WA comprises a small, dedicated team operating out of ADA House in West Perth, ably assisted by an executive committee and members of council, all of whom are practising dental professionals.

Dr Jenny Ball
ADAWA Federal Councillor & Director of CPD
Forensic Dentist
Dr Amit Gurbuxani
General Dentist
Dr Sean Archibald
Immediate Past President
General Dentist
Dr Ahmed Saleh
Ordinary Member
Dr Patricia Elder
Ordinary Member
General Dentist
Dr Nicholas Albatis
Ordinary Member
General Dentist
Dr Iris Messmer
Country Coucillor
General Dentist
Dr Janina Christoforou
Federal Councillor
Oral Medicine Specialist
Dr Martin Glick
DHS representative
General Dentist
Dr Peter Wilkins
Salaried Dental Officer
General Dentist
Dr Sahara Saeedi
ADAWA Chair of Oral Health Education
General Dentist
Dr Rebecca (Bec) Penco
Ordinary Member
General Dentist
Dr Peter Duke
Ordinary Member
General Dentist
Dr Tim Clair
Ordinary Member
General Dentist
Dr Gwendlyn (Gwen) Chin
Ordinary Member
General Dentist
Dr David Hallett
Chief Executive Officer of ADAWA
Sue Hurley
Financial & Membership Officer
Andrea Andrys
Membership Advisory Services
Jenny Catto
Receptionist & Executive Assistant
Dr Jenny Ball
ADAWA Federal Councillor & Director of CPD
Andrea Paterson
CPD Booking Enquiries
Sandra Wood
Volunteerism Coordinator
Lisa Shearon
Media & Communications Manager
Brooke Evans-Butler
Communications and Content Creator
Amie Mason
Graphic Designer

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