ADAWA’s latest member benefit is one that’s tailored specifically to the Australian dental industry. A digital stock management and ordering system, Invedent is a user-friendly software application that takes the headache out of managing and ordering your stock. On a daily basis, dental practices run out of stock before they know they need to buy more – they have no visibility or tracking – and stock ordering is a time-consuming process. With Invedent, you can scan your products in and out; the software tells you exactly what is running low, and you can just press a button, generate your order, and send it directly to your supplier. It completely simplifies and streamlines the process.


Current Offer

ADAWA wants to support your practice with an easy to use and easy to implement system that enables you to manage your supply ordering and stock hassle-free. That’s why you’ll get 10% off Invedent as an ADAWA member.

Go to to claim your 10% discount.

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