Coverage of Exposed Roots and Implants

Soft tissue problems, diagnosis and management options

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Adj Assoc/Prof Tino Mercado

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Hackett Drive, Crawley

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Dinner Course
Dinner Course

A didactic course is designed for clinicians and covers soft tissue problems, diagnosis and management options.

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This didactic course is designed for clinicians who would like to learn soft tissue problems, diagnosis and management options. The didactic component includes discussion of the presenter’s own published research on root coverage and detailed instructions on the indications and performance of coronally advanced flap. It also covers when to incorporate autogenous grafts or xenografts to manage exposed tooth roots and dental implants. The course will also touch on use of biologically active materials, such as enamel matrix derivative as adjunct to the surgical procedure. Techniques to harvest autogenous grafts for different indications and new and advanced techniques for soft tissue grafting around implants will also be covered.

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Adj Assoc/Prof Tino Mercado is an experienced Periodontist working both in private practice and as an Adj Assoc Professor at the University of Queensland. He is the Vice President of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Periodontists and Vice President of Pierre Fauchard Academy-NSW.  His PhD topic and latest publications are on predictable management of peri-implantitis and management of periodontal recession on teeth and implants using autologous and alternative tissues. Tino recently received the Australian Dental Association NSW Service Medallion award for 2022.

His last clinical research on maxillary anterior ridge preservation won Best Clinical Research at the last Osteology World Symposium. His clinical research on recession management of more advanced gingival recession (Miller Class III-IV), using CTG and enamel matrix derivative, won best research at the last Biennial Meeting of Australian Society of Periodontology held in Perth. 

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