Endodontic Series 1: Diagnosis, processes and pulp sensibility testing

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Emeritus Professor Paul V Abbott AO

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54 – 58 Havelock Street, West Perth

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Diagnosis drives dentistry!

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No treatment should be provided without a diagnosis! Pulp, root canal and periapical conditions should only be diagnosed once
all the relevant information has been gathered through the diagnostic process, which includes a thorough history, various clinical tests and radiographs. In particular, pulp sensibility tests are an essential part of the diagnostic process with the most common being cold, heat and electric tests. However, many practitioners do not utilise or interpret these tests appropriately, which can lead to an incorrect diagnosis.

Research by the presenter’s group has compared the various pulp tests to determine the most accurate, reliable and predictive tests. When using these tests, it is essential to understand what they are telling us. They are not “vitality” tests as they do not assess pulp blood flow – only laser Dopplerflowmetry (LDF) and pulse oximetry can test blood flow. This presentation will provide guidelines for the diagnosis of pulp, root canal and periapical conditions. It will include how to perform pulp tests under different circumstances in an effective and reliable manner, and how to interpret the results.

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Emeritus Professor Paul V Abbott AO is Emeritus Professor of Dentistry at The University of Western Australia. He is a Specialist Endodontist. Prior to taking a full-time University position in 2002, he spent 17 years in private specialist endodontic practice, and he also held part-time academic positions at The University of Western Australia and the University of Melbourne. He was Dean and Head of the School of Dentistry at The University of Western Australia and Director of the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia from 2003-2009. He has presented over 1000 lectures and courses in 51 countries. He has published 234 articles in refereed journals, 25 textbook chapters and 47 Newsletter articles. From 2015-2022, he was the Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Dental Traumatology.

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