How to work safely and effectively under IV sedation

Work with a sedationist with maximum safety and minimum stress

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Dr Vivian Mascarenhas

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ADA House

54 – 58 Havelock Street West Perth

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9:00 am
4:00 pm

This course will help delegates be better prepared to work with a sedationist to achieve high-quality work with maximum safety and minimum stress.

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Course Outline

Whether you work with a dental sedationist, a GP anaesthetist or a specialist anaesthetist, this course will equip you to be better prepared and feel confident to be able to work with your sedationist to achieve high quality work with maximum safety and minimum stress.

Unfortunately, most of us never were really taught how to work with our patients under any form of sedation. This has led many clinicians to dread providing or even  offering IV sedation as an option to their patients. Understanding what is involved with sedation and how best to work with it, is mutually beneficial to both the clinician and especially the patients. From a clinical perspective, you can reduce or eliminate the patient centric factors that make dentistry challenging and just focus of the technical aspects that allow you to provide high quality dental care in a safe and efficient manner.  

Delegates will gain the knowledge to be able to confidently manage their patient’s safety whilst under sedation and also learn techniques and tips to minimise your clinical time and stress.

There  will be a combined practical and lecture content that will suit clinicians of all levels of experience.

Course topics
  • Patient selection, assessment and preparation for sedation
  • Medical conditions significant for sedation
  • Clinician, staff and practice preparation  
  • Sedation techniques and how to work with them
  • Clinical strategies for the different dental disciplines LA review
  • Hands  on management of sedation emergencies and clinical resource management
Learning Objectives
  • To effectively identify and prepare the patient and staff for dental sedation
  • To understand the differences in sedation techniques and how to best work with them to achieve your goals
  • To  develop clinically useful strategies to make treatment under sedation more efficient and safer
  • To have an understanding and practice your role in a medical emergency with a sedated patient
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Dr Vivian Mascarenhas is a general dentist and an AHPRA endorsed dental sedationist. He graduated from UWA in 2003 and worked in the public sector both in WA and  in the NT until 2007. During this time, he worked in remote aboriginal communities as well as in the NT hospital system, where he worked extensively  under GA. Upon returning to Perth in 2008, Viv worked in private practice for 15 years with many of those years in a sedation-based practice undertaking  all aspects of dentistry (except orthodontics) under sedation.  

Viv has a real passion for trying to make dental treatment easier for patients  and dentists alike but most of all his mission is to help educate our dental community on how to work safely and more effectively under sedation. With many years of extensive experience working under and providing sedation to clinicians, he is uniquely positioned to offer a clinician’s perspective on how to best work under sedation to provide optimal dental care and minimise the stress of both the practitioner and the patient.

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