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Ms Kylie Robb

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This course is for dental practitioners,dental practice team members, industry and/or product representatives whorequire infection prevention and control (IPC) education that is specificallyin relation to the practice of dentistry in Australia. 

As one of Australia’s  most qualified andexperienced IPC educators for the profession, Kylie Robb’s  IPC coursesconstantly evolve supporting thousands of dental practitioners  acrossAustralia to confidently manage IPC risk to protect the public.
This is a comprehensive, fun, and engaging course that aims to improve teamconfidence and support practitioners to adhere to the Dental Board ofAustralia’s (DBA) Code of Conduct in the context of IPC.
Learning Objectives 

  • Understand the Australian professional, legal, and regulatory requirements for IPC
  • See how various business models in dentistry impact the strategic direction of IPC program objectives
  • Gain awareness of contemporary tools, documents, and resources to support practitioner self-reflection and good infection control
  • Learn about relevant risk management frameworks applicable to a dental setting 
  • Understand the conditions that foster the spread of infectious disease and learn how to ‘Break the Chain’
  • Understand Standard and Transmission Based Precautions and when and how to apply
  • Gain confidence for applying the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene in a dental setting
  • How to identify and visualise clean and contaminated zones throughout the practice
  • Reflect on your approach and identify quality improvement opportunities for Reuseable Medical Device management;  and
  • Understand key terminology for Dental Unit Water Lines and how this relates to action back at the practice.

This course is suitable for the whole dental team

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea


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Kylie Robb  


 Kylie is an  internationally recognised speaker renowned for her high-quality leadership in the field of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and sustainability for dentistry.   

As a consultant, Kylie provides technical guidance and leadership on IPC and sustainability for private practitioners, universities, public health, government agencies, dental corporates, professional health associations, and industry. Kylie contributes her expertise to several Australian universities, including the University of Sydney’s School of Dentistry.  

Kylie has served as a board director for the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control, where she is acknowledged as a Fellow. Recently, she held the position of Head of Practice Services for the Australian Dental Association  NSW Branch. 

Kylie has had the privilege of presenting for the World Health Organisation’s Western Pacific Regional Office and in 2019, was appointed to the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America’s prestigious International Ambassadors Program. Most recently, Kylie completed her studies at the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership in England.

She is a member of the Royal Australasian College

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