Restorative Rubber Dam

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Drs Bec Penco, Maheer Shah, Greg Crane

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UWA Dental School

17 Monash Avenue, Nedlands

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9:00 am
1:00 pm

Who says rubber dams can't be exciting?

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Who says rubber dams can’t  be exciting? Restorative Rubber Dam is a half day workshop designed to  equip you with the armamentarium and confidence for routine restoration of  teeth directly and indirectly under rubber dam. With dental photography, composite bonding and biomimetic dentistry on the rise in everyday dentistry,  perfecting your rubber dam skills is must.  

This course will help simplify common rubber dam challenges, help  navigate the wide range of clamps, sheets and techniques available on the  market.

The workshop will outline common difficult scenarios faced when restoring under rubber dam:

  • Isolating and working on the most distal tooth
  • Treating interproximal, class V and subgingival defects on clamped teeth
  • Isolating crown preparations
  • Easy rubber dam inversion
  • Floss tie techniques and indications
  • Accessory clamps and when to use them
  • Tips for getting great clinical photos under rubber dam
  • Tips for getting your patients and nurse(s) or staff used to using rubber dams routinely

Fee includes a Zeldam rubber  dam template valued at $75.00  


In order to obtain the  maximum benefit from this course you can enrol your chair side assistant for  an additional fee.


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Dr Bec Penco graduated from UWA with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2016. Bec was awarded the KJG Sutherland prize for most outstanding  achievement during the course of the degree and graduated with Distinction.  She was on the ADAWA Council for 3 years, is the WA representative on the ADA  Recent Graduates Advisory Panel and Employed Dentists Working Party. Bec is currently working at Lifetime Dental Care in Como, where she practices biomimetically centred dentistry.  

Dr Maheer Shah graduated from UWA in 2014. Since  then, he has worked in private practice in Perth, with a specialist interest in biomimetic and aesthetic dentistry.  Maheer  has completed a Mastership in Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry at the Alleman Center in the USA. Maheer is a founder of Biomimetic Aesthetic Dentistry  (BAD).

Dr Greg Crane graduated from UWA in 2015. Since graduation, Greg has worked in private practice in Perth and currently practices in Joondalup. He was a member of the ADAWA Council from 2017-2021, during which time he was the WA representative for the Federal ADA Recent Graduates Advisory Panel, and he  was involved in implementing the ADAWA’s New Practitioner Program. Greg has  been a reviewer of CPD content for the ADA CPD portal since 2017, has sat on  the committee of the Australian Dental Health Foundation since 2013 and is a  member of various study clubs and societies. Greg practices biomimetic dentistry and is passionate about sharing these techniques.


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