A Country Practice - Dr Stephanie Mulcahy

What is it like to live and work rurally? We spoke to Dr Stephanie Mulcahy about her experience.

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Dr Stephanie Mulcahy

DNTL Code, Broome

Dr Stephanie Mulcahy has been practising rurally for seven years (spending two years in Karratha and five years in Broome).

“You get to see, diagnose, and treat a large scope of practice and develop very good practical skills treating difficult cases – endodontics and extractions especially,” she says, when asked about the benefits of practising in a rural area. “There is often no option of referring the patients to the city to see a specialist, as many cannot afford the time to travel to seek specialist treatment.”

She adds the most rewarding aspect is building strong relationships with your patients and a great sense of community. “The patients know you as a person, not just a clinician,” Stephanie says. “We cross-refer to different businesses in town through the relationships we build within the clinic, and everyone is so friendly and happy to help where they can. For example, we have friends in real estate who are always happy to help when a new clinician arrives in town to help them find the best accommodation.”

To other dentists considering heading out of the city to a country practice, Stephanie says working rurally not only helps you improve your clinical skills, but it also allows you to build a relationship with the community and see the difference you make in people's lives. “Living in a place like Broome also allows for a great social life and exploring, surrounded by beautiful beaches and sunsets,” she adds.

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