Festive Season 2023

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With the festive season upon us, the Australian Dental Association WA (ADAWA) recommends taking care of your teeth for a healthy mouth in 2024 and beyond.
ADAWA President, Dr Gwen Chin, says there are some simple ways to take care of your teeth over the festive season.

Choose your drinks wisely
“Swapping soft drinks for water is much kinder on your teeth, and is better to keep hydrated on the hot days of Summer,” she says. “Alcoholic drinks can also be high in sugar, which can increase your risk of tooth decay.”

Limit snacking on sugary treats
Taking care of your teeth doesn’t mean you have to completely give up the sweet treats, but choosing when to eat them can make an impact on your oral health. “Eating sugary treats during mealtimes is better for your teeth than snacking on them throughout the day,” she says. “This is because limiting snacking will reduce the time your teeth are exposed to acid attacks from the sugary treats. Having a glass of tap water after you snack and chewing sugar free gum are good habits to keep your teeth healthy too.”

Give no-sugar gifts
Although a box of chocolates is a common gift over the festive season, Dr Chin recommends thinking of some no-sugar gifts. “Instead of gifting a box of chocolates, give a plant, bunch of flowers or a book,” she says. “If you are looking for ideas for stocking stuffers for the kids, a fun new toothbrush is also a great option over more lollies.”

Brush your teeth
Brushing your teeth is important twice a day, every day – even if you are on holidays. “Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and don’t forget to floss,” Dr Chin says.

See your dentist in the new year
If you are overdue for an appointment, make sure to book to see your dentist in the new year. “Regular appointments with your dentist will help to keep your teeth and mouth healthy year-round,” Dr Chin says.

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