Invedent and ADAWA: Celebrating One Year in Partnership

Invedent's dental stock system helps you order, manage and control your practice’s supplies. Invedent is the Australian system that has helped hundreds of dental practices discover a faster, easier, and more affordable way to manage ordering and inventory. This month they are proud to be celebrating one year of successful partnership with ADAWA.


The Evolution of a Fruitful Partnership

Invedent is truly delighted to celebrate the continued success of the collaboration with ADAWA and how it has evolved over the past 12 months, becoming a well-regarded relationship in Western Australia’s dental industry.  

Over the last year, there has been a significant number of dental practices that have successfully implemented Invedent – Australia’s innovative cloud platform designed to streamline and automate ordering and stock management and bridge the gap between these two processes.  

As a result, several customer testimonials wax lyrical about the benefits of automated ordering and stock management, from saving up to six hours a week on inventory processes to saving on average $585 per chair per month, to improving patient care, and beyond. 

Thanks to the far-reaching benefits of the system, Invedent continues to grow and support a larger number of dental practices across Australia by partnering with more ADA branches. They have recently become trusted partners of ADAVB and expect to partner with other ADA branches across Australia in the near future. 

As Invedent is celebrating these accomplishments, they look forward to the years ahead and all that the future holds while their partnership with ADAWA continues to evolve to meet the needs of Western Australia’s dental practices.  

A New Website and Enhanced Features

As they continue to grow, Invedent has launched a brand-new website that features a refreshed look and improved functionality, plus additional resources and comprehensive information about the system. 

After several months in the works, the system also brings powerful new features for full control over supply ordering and inventory expenses. Invedent is now including two platforms that are seamlessly integrated and support each other: ordering and
stock management. 

Both are intuitive, easy to use and easy to implement, and it only takes five minutes for a practice to start ordering and managing their stock. Thanks to the system removing manual and clunky work of preparing, editing and tracking orders, Invedent can help a practice save on average $7,000 a year per dental chair while also improving workflows and time management.   

The “Stock Ordering System” in Invedent was enhanced to connect practices with suppliers and negotiated pricing into one platform. Once the setup is completed, users can browse through a +30,000 product catalogue and place an order across all suppliers in a flash, making the ordering process quick, easy, and completely hassle-free.  

While on the other hand, the “Stock Management System’’ in Invedent gives complete visibility into inventory levels, providing practices with a list of items that must be ordered and recommending the optimal order quantity. 

This means that dental practices can have complete control over monthly expenses and minimise the costs associated with ordering, receiving, and holding inventory as the system enables them to order only what is needed. 

Along with providing full control over inventory costs, Invedent comes with a myriad of other benefits, such as order reconciliation, connecting all supplier information to one platform, eradicating key person risk, improving quality of dental care without patients being turned away due to stock shortage, and much more.

The simple and smart system provided by Invedent brings incontrovertible proof that harnessing the sheer power of modern technology enables dental professionals to achieve beneficial outcomes for their practices and – most importantly – patients.  

What Clients Say About Invedent 

When we discovered Invedent, it was a no-brainer to get them on board because it was a much simpler process. It was the solution to all my problems. I loved the idea of having everything managed automatically.” 

 Claudia, Dental Quarters

Before Invedent, managing the process manually was seriously affecting our practice. We needed a change. Now we’ve got a system that supports our busy practice, especially when we are short staffed

Jacqueline, Doucas Dental

Invedent has provided us a more accurate way of tracking stock around the practice and has eliminated stocktake that nobody liked doing.

Leeming Dental Centre

As an ADAWA member, you get a 10% discount on Invedent. 

Sign up with Invedent, provide your ADAWA membership number, and the discount will be immediately applied to your invoice. 


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