Meet Dr Hezel Cohen

Prior to his upcoming course in March, we caught up with Dr Hezel Cohen.

CPD Spotlight

When asked what initially drew him to dentistry, Hezel recalls being six or seven-years-old sitting in the waiting room of our family dentist.

“I heard the high-speed handpiece and thought, ‘WOW that sounds quick, I would like to drive that thing!’ I say this tongue-in-cheek,” he laughs. “I guess I love working with my hands and I enjoy helping people, so I sort-of just fell into dentistry.”

He adds, since Dental School, he has enjoyed Prosthodontics – all things fixed and removable. “However, I did not specialise in Prosthodontics to become a specialist,” he says. “I worked for a prosthodontist, and one day he gave me an articulated case and asked what I would do. I had no idea how to treat this patient, and, I had no idea that I knew so little. So, to gain understanding, knowledge, and skill, I set out on the Prosthodontic path.”

Hezel will be presenting ‘Partial Denture Design’ in March – a course about removable prosthodontics, with a focus on partial denture design.

Knowledge of denture design will include:

  • Choosing primary and secondary abutment teeth.
  • Design to protect abutment teeth.
  • Reduction of soft tissue coverage.
  • Maximise retention and stability.
  • And improved function.

“The theory behind partial denture design will be covered, but most of the focus will be on actual clinical cases,” Hezel says. “The participants will receive models of cases and design the frameworks. Communication with the lab will also be covered. I hope participants go away with the knowledge and confidence to design their own partial dentures.”

As well as working at the Centre for Prosthodontics, Hezel is passionate about education – as well as lecturing for his peers, he gives an introduction on complete dentures for first year postgraduates in Prosthodontics. “Dentistry has given me a lot of joy and frustration, however, helping the younger generation of dentists on their path in this career is always a privilege and an honour,” he says.  Hezel also works in the Maxillofacial Department at Royal Perth Hospital treating trauma and oncology patients, and says this is
challenging, sometimes heart-breaking, but rewarding.

Dr Hezel Cohen will be presenting Partial Denture Design on Friday March 15, 2024 at ADA House.
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