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Did you know the many benefits that come with your ADAWA membership?

Our Association

As an ADAWA member, you are part of a community of 2000 local dentists and dental specialists. As a valued member, your association keeps you up-to-date with industry news, via numerous sources:

Fortnightly emails

ADAWA sends the latest news straight to your inbox. Please ensure you are receiving these emails as they let you know CPD updates, and in the coming month, will also communicate important updates about your ADAWA renewal.

Western Articulator

The Western Articulator is a high-quality magazine, produced exclusively for ADAWA members. Available to read in hard copy or digitally, each edition of the magazine details inspiring stories about your peers, the difference volunteerism makes, industry news and the latest CPD. Contributed articles and suggestions are always welcome from members.

ADAWA website

Our website allows members to book into WA Dental CPD courses, read the Western Articulator online and access resources and information.

As an ADAWA member, you can submit a professional notice that will be published for three editions in the Western Articulator, free of charge.

If you are opening a new practice, employing a new member of your team or want to advise of any changes in your practice, the professional notices are a great way to get the word out to your colleagues.

Online Communities

Our supportive Facebook group is available for you to ask questions or network within our private online community. ADAWA members can join our exclusive ADAWA Members Facebook group.

As an ADA member, you also have access to online community, Peer.

General Meetings

Held five times a year, our General Meetings allow members to come together to find out what is happening behind-the-scenes at ADAWA. Prior to the meeting, our ‘Eat and Meet’ allows members to network with their peers. A guest speaker presents a lecture following the meeting, allowing members to tick off some CPD. If you haven’t been to a General Meeting in a while, please come along and connect with like-minded people.


Are you looking for a chance to give back? The WA dental community have various volunteerism opportunities. You can contact ADA DHF state coordinator Andrea Paterson about the range of programs via ADA DHF, by emailing

Badges of Continuous Membership

ADAWA celebrates long-serving members through our Badges of Continuous Membership.

my cpd. my adawa.

WA Dental CPD

Our world-class program is highly renowned, inviting renowned international speakers and respected local experts to present, so you know you are learning from the best.Our CPD committee works hard behind-the-scenes, adding new courses to the program throughout the year. Whether you are looking for hands-on courses, informative lectures or a dinner course to attend, you are in good hands when you learn with us.

As an ADAWA member, you receive exclusive member discounts on our world-class WA Dental CPD courses. When you book through our website, check out the difference between member and non-member prices! In fact, the discounts you receive on just a few courses can mean that your ADAWA membership fee pays for itself in your CPD savings. If you are working in the country in an approved location, you may be eligible to enrol in a limit of two complimentary courses per calendar year. To find out if you are eligible, please contact ADAWA.

New Practitioners Program

If you are a recent graduate (this is you if you have graduated from Dental School or ADC exams within the last five years), this program, run by the ADAWA Recent Graduates and Students Committee, is tailored specifically to you. Exclusively for ADAWA members, the Study Clubs, held throughout the year, allow recent grads to learn from a respected speaker in a safe and supportive setting. The program concludes with the highly-anticipated, all-day Young Dentists Conference, which is free to attend and exclusive for ADAWA members.

ADC support

Are you an ADC candidate? ADAWA supports ADC candidates by hosting courses, presented by respected dentists who have been through the ADC process themselves, to help prepare ADC candidates for their exams.

ADC Graduates (who have passed exams within the last five years) are also welcome to attend our New Practitioner Program study clubs.

my support. my adawa.

There are times when everyone needs some support. ADAWA is here for its members, as individuals and as a collective group.


ADAWA is active in advocating on the issues important to our members, so our members can focus on caring for their patients. There is great strength in numbers, so as an ADAWA member, you are important in helping us make positive change.

Legal advice

If you ever find yourself needing legal advice, ADAWA members are entitled to a free initial 30-minute consultation plus a 15% discount on standard hourly rates with our legal partners. Contact ADAWA for a referral.

Support from Dental Protection Limited

The expert team at DPL offer colleague to colleague support and advice, including a 24/7 emergency phone line and comprehensive risk management resources. As a member of DPL, you have access to the expertise of the team of Dentolegal Consultants and Case Managers. Contact DPL on 1800 444 542.

Accreditation support

Are you planning to go through the practice accreditation process? Andrea Andrys at ADA House can offer guidance and support. Contact Andrea at

HR advice

When you run a dental practice, you also have the challenges of running a business. If you need help with a Human Resources matter, as an ADA member you can access ADA’s HR Advisory Service. Call 1300 232 462. There are also regular HR features in the Western Articulator.

Pharma Advice

ADA members can seek the advice of clinical pharmacist, about prescription and over-the-counter medicine and nutritional supplements.

my savings. my adawa.

As an ADAWA member, you are entitled to special offers and discounts. Are you making the most of your potential savings?

Lifestyle Benefits

As an ADAWA member, you can access many great discounts with ADA Lifestyle Benefits on gift cards, dining out, fitness, cars, electronics and so much more.


ADAWA members are entitled to a 12% discount on health cover each year when premiums are paid by direct debit.
access code: ADAWA.

Dental Essentials public liability

ADAWA members with indemnity insurance through MDA, can activate free Public Liability through Dental Essentials. Call Dental Essentials on (08) 9382 5614 – and let them know you are an ADAWA member.


You can join the Bunnings Trade Power-Pass Membership Program or link your existing account to access exclusive benefits. To sign up or link your account, email

Leederville Cameras

Leederville Cameras offers ADAWA members a 4% discount off all sales and services.

AMA Finance Brokers

ADA members are eligible to receive up to $2000^ cashback offer from the bank or lender (if eligible) on home loans successfully settled between 1 January
2024 and 31 December 2024.

Partner benefits

ADAWA work with a number of respected partners, sponsors and advertisers to bring additional benefits to our members, Go to our Directory on page 43.

my future. my adawa.

ADAWA has a long history of supporting members from their student days. The support for students includes:

Free membership

ADAWA membership for UWA dental students is free – introducing benefits of belonging to the association without any financial obligation. Membership also includes a welcome pack from ADA Inc and the Therapeutic Guidelines.

Contract lectures

Our partner Panetta McGrath Lawyers hosts lectures for final year students about what to look for in contracts when they are entering the job market.

ADAWA awards

ADAWA sponsors leadership and academic excellence awards for dental students at UWA. ADAWA also sponsors a number of student volunteerism scholarships.

Graduate Guide

The Graduate Guide introduces the newest dentists to the WA dental community. This is also a popular resource for WA
practices who are looking to hire new graduates.


ADAWA produces a keepsake yearbook for graduating students.

Welcome to the Profession

ADAWA hosts a dinner to welcome newly-graduated dentists into the profession.

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