Powering your Practice: WA Energy

Local company WA Energy is stepping up to offer ADAWA members big discounts on dental practice energy bills.


Local company WA Energy is stepping up to offer ADAWA members big discounts on dental practice energy bills.  

If you thought all energy providers were large companies driven by profit margins, you could be pleasantly surprised by the operation of WA Energy. The small but passionate team aims to save Australian businesses and households money through effective energy management and solar energy.

“WA Energy is a not just another solar retailer but a full-scale energy savings company/energy management company,” says Shahmeer Khan, WA Energy director. “We are a leading energy solutions company that offers commercial solar, residential solar, electricity/gas procurement, embedded networks, EV chargers and hybrid batteries.”

How they compete with the big guys

Shahmeer says WA Energy has a unique market offering.  

“Our competitors are very rigid and operate in one space without deep understanding of how to combine all the faculties,” he says. “Traditionally, if customers want to save money on their power bills, they try to find another energy retailer or find a solar company.

“However, energy pricing tends to get higher every year and without knowing the ins and outs, the customer doesn’t get cheaper electricity and they get put on difficult contracts with penalty clauses. Energy retailers are heavily compliant focused. Customers hate compliance.

“If they try to install solar, it’s difficult to know who to trust as there are many countless companies out there. In the commercial space, it’s even more difficult as energy retailers normally charge a penalty for installing solar. Most solar companies have no experience on the regulatory requirements and customers end up paying more over the long run. Additionally, the solar companies aren’t around long enough to offer the warranties due to the stop start nature of the game. It’s too volatile and customers get disheartened.”

Having been in both the electricity and solar space, WA Energy is able to offer versatile solutions tailored to the customer. “We analyse energy load data and work out the best solution for a particular business,” he explains. “We look at funding and offer ways to save money without any capital being spent for the customer. As we work on behalf of the customer rather than against them there is the trust and long-term approach to all our solutions. We approach every customer with transparency, honesty, and integrity. We care – and ultimately that works with our unique total energy solution for a business.”

WA Energy can save businesses generally from 40-80% on their total energy costs, 5-10% discount on energy rates.

Customer service

Sheba Tedla, WA Energy operations manager, says some customers can be apprehensive of purchasing solar products because there are so many options available, but she stresses that at WA Energy, their focus in on helping their customers make the best decision, to get the best-quality product at the best price.

She adds their after-sales support is second-to-none.

“We are WA owned, so our customers will know each member of our team by name,” she says. “We might be a small team, but our ambition is big – we are a premium brand, offering premium products.

“We also offer monitoring, so we can keep an eye on the performance of a system, which other providers don’t offer.”  

According to Rosemarie Purser, WA Energy customer liaison officer, WA Energy’s point of difference is their focus on customer service.

“All the staff here answer their phones after hours,” she says. “We understand that professionals such as dentists work long hours, so we are always willing to take after-hours calls.

“We want our customers to be happy with our product, not only now, but in the future.”

Partnership with ADAWA

The Government is subsidising up to $52,516, or about 40%, of the total cost of solar for businesses such as dental practices. On December 31, the subsidies reduce by 8%.

“As part of the COVID relief package, a dental practice or other business may write off 100% of the total cost of solar this financial year,” Shameer adds.

WA Energy’s partnership with ADAWA entitles members to:

  • Grouped electricity pricing
  • Grouped solar pricing
  • $0 solar for practices – even for those who lease their premises
  • Energy advice and consulting
  • Discounts for home packages for staff and family

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