Recall with a difference

Are you looking for a fun way to remind your patients about their six-monthly recalls? Cartoonist Marc Copes is creating unique ways to connect with your patients.


Marc Copes has fond memories of receiving Garfield postcards from his dentist. “I always thought it was a fun and unique thing to receive in the mail, and the proof is probably in the pudding – I've been to the same dentist my whole adult life and haven't missed a six-monthly routine appointment,” he says. “I had my wisdom teeth out there, and refer them to all my friends whenever asked for recommendations. For someone who previously didn't have any skin in the game with the dental industry, I'd say I ended up as a model customer. I wish I had this type of relationship with a mechanic,” he laughs.

It was when his dentist stopped sending postcards that Marc realised how much he enjoyed receiving them. “After 10 years of drawing an online comic strip, I was suddenly inspired to try my hand at drawing a fresh modern take on the dental recall postcard using eco-friendly card stock (I love niches!), which went down well with local clinics. That was four years ago, and now I continue to draw and supply my lovely clients around the country their appointment reminders – with a range of other services as well.”

Marc currently supplies recall postcards, appointment cards, text message marketing, business cards, flyers, fridge magnets, Christmas cards and more. If you are thinking about giving this type of marketing a go at your practice, Marc says our inboxes are bombarded with hundreds of copy-paste marketing messages every single day, and doing what everyone else does is a formula for being forgotten. “The question we need to ask is: ‘Are we doing anything different to stand out form the noise?’,” he says. “A patient will never expect an appointment reminder to make them smile…but they’ll definitely remember your business if it does! Cartoons have had a long and successful history with the dental industry – everyone loves a good dad joke, and humour helps ease patient anxieties and make their appointment feel less clinical or threatening. This is where I can help. There has never been an easier (or affordable) way to draw attention than adding a dental cartoon – and with just a tiny bit of effort, you can truly impact someone’s day.”

Marc welcomes dentists to request a free, no-obligation mock-up for their clinic. To see the range of products, visit

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