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NICK GOH - Volleyball

Nick Goh has been playing volleyball competitively for six years. “I have played in the second highest division in WAVL (Western Australian Volleyball League) and made top four on many occasions,” he says. “I also participated in many small tournaments and won some cash prizes.”

Nick says volleyball allows him to destress during trainings and he looks forward to games on the weekends.

“It is a very social sport that requires coordination and understanding within a team to play at a high level,” he says. “Volleyball, like Dentistry, is hard to master and demands continual practice and development but is very rewarding once results are reaped.”

To someone considering taking up volleyball, Nick says it is a challenging but rewarding sport. “There is a hurdle to overcome initially, then it takes commitment to master the sport,” he says. “In the end though, the friends you make along the journey and the improvements you see in yourself make it all worth it.”

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