Medical supplies for Ukraine.

Can you donate items?

As the war progresses in Ukraine, the medical supplies that help civilians and soldiers are becoming harder to source. As the war continues, Ukraine needs ongoing medical supplies as they are running out of them very quickly.

Therefore, the International Coordination for Medical Aid for Ukraine AFUO sub-committee is appealing for donations of medical aid from Australian medical suppliers and those in the medical industry. The donated medical supplies will be delivered to military and civilian hospitals in Ukraine, to help them care for the wounded and sick.

Attached is a list of desired supplies provided by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine, however the list should not be considered exhaustive. Please complete the attached inventory list template with the proposed donated items, or mark the items on the medical supply list and add the quantity and other related information, and return it to  


Medical Supplies List

Priority/Tactical aid kit:
  • Individual first-aid kits like IFAK, kits like IPOK
  • Mechanical products for bleeding stop (SWAT, SOFT, CAT turnstiles)
  • Z-bandage, Means for stopping bleeding chemical (hemostatic  tampon bandage with hemostatic agent)
  • Scissors for cutting clothes and shoes (atraumatic)    
  • Individual sterile dressing package with elastic compression component of first aid with protective moisture-resistant shell    
  • Thermo blanket on a polyethylene basis 160 cm wide, 210 cm long
  • Gel-based occlusive thoracic bandage (with or without valve)    
  • Nasopharyngeal airway (airway, tube) with lubricant
Priority/Medical supplies:
  • Syringes with needles (different volume)    
  • System for transfusion of infusion solutions    
  • Syringes insulin    
  • Catheters for peripheral veins (different sizes)    
  • Needles for syringe-pens insulin    
  • Kit for catheterization of the bladder    
  • Central vein catheterization kits    
  • External fixation device    
  • Immobilization tires of different types and sizes
  • Nasopharyngeal tubes all sizes    
  • Guedel tubes paediatric and adult    
  • Laryngeal masks all sizes    
  • Endotracheal tubes paediatric and adult    
  • IV Cannulae all sizes 27-18 G    
  • IV Bungs    
  • Three way bungs/taps    
  • IV Lines kit    
  • Central venous line kits    
  • Syringes all volumes    
  • IV Dressings/tegaderm    
  • Urinary catherter    
  • Urinary catherter collection bags    
  • Pleaural cavity drainage kits    
  • Pheumothorax kits    
  • Infusion pump    
  • Ventilation bags
  • Adhesive tapes    
  • Gloves sterile all sizes 6-8.5    
  • Gloves non-sterile S/M/L    
  • Compression bandages    
  • Gauze    
  • Combines    
  • Surgical packs    
  • Crepe bandages    
  • Elastoplast tape    
  • Micropore tape    
  • Transpore tape    
  • Dressings occlusive    
  • Burns dressings    
  • Jelonet    
  • Occlusive dressings    
  • Absorbant tegaderm    
  • Tegaderm    
  • Mefix/Fixamole
  • Pulse oximeter for two parameters    
  • Defibrillator    
  • Headlights for surgery and examination    
  • Laryngoscope adults and childrens    
  • Capnograph / CO2 monitor    
  • Disposable Surgical Instrument set