Top 5 tips to keep your teeth healthy this Easter

The Australian Dental Association of Western Australia’s President, Dr Gwen Chin, suggests you buck the trend of making Easter all about sugary gifts.

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Give the gift of experiences

“Experience gifts are all the rage,” says Gwen. “Instead of gifting a basket of chocolate eggs, why not give tickets to the movies, the zoo or entry to an escape room – experiences will create memories – and be much better for your teeth.”

Make your own

“Make your own Easter treats,” Gwen suggests. “Cooking is a fun activity over the long weekend and you can look up low-sugar options of some of your favourite snacks.”

Limit chocolate from the Easter Bunny

“The Easter Bunny doesn’t need to bring copious amounts of chocolate,” Gwen says. “Perhaps a hunt could be done with plastic fillable eggs with non-food items or low sugar treats in place of chocolate. Some books, painting or craft supplies are also great Easter gifts.”

Be mindful of your teeth

If you are indulging in some chocolate this Easter, Gwen says things you can do to minimise the damage to your teeth. “It is always better for your teeth if you eat chocolate or lollies during mealtimes, instead of snacking on them throughout the day, which exposes your teeth to sugar for longer periods,” Gwen says. “Also remember to choose tap water to drink over soft drinks, and always brush twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste.”

Visit the dentist

“If you are due for a check-up, book an appointment with your dentist to help ensure your teeth are healthy year-round,” Gwen advises. “Prevention is always better than cure.”

Dr Gwendlyn (Gwen) Chin
Dr Gwendlyn (Gwen) Chin
General Dentist

Dr Gwen Chin graduated in 1999 from UWA and have been working in private practice since. She is a member of Healing Smiles and is the current UWA Dental Alumni Society President. She is passionate about fostering good relations between the students, the alumni and within the entire dental community.

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