Working Smarter Not Harder

Top 3 Tips for Running a Successful Dental Practice


There are three keys to dental business success: education, people and processes. 


Young practitioners and top-performing dentists should not only expose themselves to clinical education and training courses, but also to resources that enable them to have a good grasp of the business skills they need to run a successful practice. 

There are many dental business coaching programs out there (The Savvy Dentist created by Dr Jesse Green is just one of many examples). These programs can immensely benefit dentists and practice owners by providing education and guidance on how to develop financial intelligence and create high-performing teams.


When you invest in ongoing professional growth and development and foster an employee-focused workplace, your staff members feel happier, become more productive and are more likely to stick around. 

As dentistry is a high-stress career with high rates of anxiety it is also a good idea to invest in mental health training workshops and provide your team with the right tools to reduce stress. 

The workshops provided by the team at Being Together are only one example of how workplace mentoring is supporting dental practices in helping staff members with their mental health.  


Effective processes are extremely important as they contribute to improving overall operations. This, in turn, helps dental practice owners minimise expenditure, pinpoint operational deficiencies, improve workflows, and, ultimately, increase productivity and profitability. 

There are several Australian cloud-based systems that can be used to streamline a myriad of processes. 

We have created Invedent to help practices with ordering and stock management, but dental professionals should also consider highly secure, cloud-based platforms for systemisation of practice management (Such as Level Up or Principle). 

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