Ridge Preservation in Daily Dental Practice - A hands-on workshop

Presented by

Drs Leticia Algarves Miranda and Mahnaz Syed

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ADA House

54-58 Havelock Street, West Perth

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9:00 am
2:00 pm

Socket and ridge preservation are some of the easiest methods of hard-tissue preservation and augmentation in future implant sites

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The success rate of an implant is highly influenced by the positioning and the surrounding tissues. Contemporary implant treatment planning involves backward planning; successful rehabilitation necessitates the presence of sufficient hard and soft tissues at the desired implant site. The loss of a tooth however, often results in significant resorption of the ridge with loss of both bone and soft tissue volume. Rebuilding the alveolar ridge can be a challenge, so avoiding the loss makes the subsequent treatment easier. Ridge preservation techniques have been in use for more than 15 years and offer predictable and easy ways to avoid the loss of valuable tissues. To ensure successful outcomes, certain factors have to be taken into account to reduce complications and maximise preservation of bone volume.  

This workshop will present the theoretical and practical skills required to implement ridge preservation procedures successfully into your daily routine.

Practical aspects will be practiced on pig jaws.


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Dr Algarves Miranda is the Discipline Lead in Periodontics at the UWA Dental School. She obtained her dental degrees in Brazil and PhDs in Brazil and Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Leticia has held appointments at a number of universities in Brazil. Leticia moved to Perth three years ago.  

Dr Mahnaz Syed obtained her qualifications in the United Kingdom. She worked a specialist periodontist in private practice and as clinical lead in mucogingival surgery and implant soft tissue augmentation at the Royal London Hospital before moving to Perth in 2007. Mahnaz practices as a  specialist periodontist in Subiaco and is part time clinical implant tutor at the University of Western Australia.

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