Basic Posterior Composites

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Drs El-Hakim, Alex Park and Jenny Ball

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UWA Dental School

17 Monash Avenue, Nedlands

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9:00 am
2:00 pm

Aimed at practitioners with minimal posterior composite experience

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This course is aimed at dental practitioners who have had minimal experience with posterior composites. The course aims to equip dental professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve successful composite restorations, focusing on critical aspects such as bonding systems, matrix band systems, contact and anatomy creation, occlusal anatomy techniques, and understanding the limitations and appropriate use of composites.

It is assumed that the participant has knowledge of suitable cavity preparations for this type of restoration. 

Course Highlights: 

1. Choice of Bonding Systems:

Explore different bonding systems used in  composite resin restorations, including their properties, application  techniques, and considerations for various clinical scenarios. Learn how to  select the most appropriate bonding system to ensure durable and long-lasting  restorations.

2. Choice of  Matrix Band System and Why:

Understand the importance of using the correct matrix band system in composite restorations. Learn about the various matrix systems available, their advantages, and how they influence the final result of the restoration.

3. Creating a Good Contact and Good Anatomy:

Master the art of achieving  excellent contact points and anatomical contours in composite restorations.  Discover techniques and tips to ensure the restoration blends seamlessly with the natural dentition, providing patients with both functional and aesthetic benefits.

4. Occlusal Anatomy - Different Techniques:

Delve into the complexities of occlusal anatomy and explore different techniques to restore occlusal surfaces effectively.

5. Limitations of Using Composites and Suitable Applications:

Learn about the limitations of composite resins and gain insights into their appropriate applications.  Understand the factors that may affect the success of composite restorations, enabling you to make informed decisions in treatment planning.



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Drs El-Hakim, Park and Ball are experienced general practioners.  

They have been teaching operative dentistry to the DMD students for many years in the Clinical Skills Simulation laboratory.

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